About Us
Itinerant Literate Books opened in 2015 as a mobile and pop-up bookstore and in 2018 opened the flagship bricks-and-mortar Bookstop in Park Circle. Our name is reflective of our mission: we believe stories are powerful vehicles for growth and that access to knowledge should not be limited by zip code or district.

We offer a diverse selection of brand-new books for people of all ages and are committed to making new stories and insight accessible to everyone in our  community. 

From Bookmobile to Bookstop
Our Story

A love letter to our customers on the eve of our storefront grand opening on July 21, 2018.
“Books are uniquely portable magic.” 

- Stephen King

For the past two weeks, we have been spending an unseemly number of hours at 4824 Chateau Ave. to turn it into a bookstore. We wanted to stop for just a moment to reflect on this huge turning point in our business and thank the people who got us here.

In many ways, Stephen King’s quote, which you may have seen on many a sign around the bookmobile, is not only a nod to our name and mission statement but encapsulates why both Julia and I fell in love with books in the first place. Books have always been at the center of our lives like ever-present and shining bits of the universe we could hold.

There are a few questions we routinely get in the bookmobile. One of the most asked is “what made you want to do this?”

Because we grew up fully immersed in books and surrounded by opportunities to indulge that intellectual curiosity. Because we have experienced bookstores that were just as much of a community exchange and place of expression and exploration as they were places of business. Because a book can be the thing that helps you through your darkest time and is a catalyst in your best times. Because we looked around and didn’t see enough of these places north of downtown.

So how did we get here? Three and a half years ago, Julia and I decided we would think seriously about opening a bookstore. And then we did a crazy thing -- that is, we actually started one. With limited to no retail experience, approximately $1,000 of our own capital, and a dream bookstore to chase, we made our plans.

Then we did a crazier thing: we semi-quit, semi-changed our jobs so our hours could be more flexible; moved to a new neighborhood; and tirelessly threw ourselves into a new business.

Now, after 1,932 hours, 322 events, 1,493 customers, countless new friends, hundreds of bottles of gatorade, more than a couple of bottles of wine and beer,100 instances of seeing the other person at their worst, 100 times forgiving them for it, now, at last, we are opening the storefront we planned three years ago.

We only have this opportunity because of readers and shoppers like you. So we want this to be a space to share and a space for you to meet new people as well as discover new stories. Though the space is still small, we have an awesome backyard and can’t wait to host collaborative events and outfit it with comfy spots for you to settle in with a book and take some time for yourself. We can’t wait to share this new space with you. Starting this month, come to the Bookstop at 4824 Chateau for:

  • Daily Storytime at 10 a.m.
  • Tuesday beer/wine pairings with book releases
  • Live storytelling events
  • Writing workshops
  • BYOB reading parties
  • Author signings and readings
  • Scrabble meetups
  • And of course, even more books!

Thanks for coming this way with us -- we hope you’re as excited for the future of Itinerant Literate Books as we are.