We're passionate about not just books, but writing, too! Both founders of Itinerant Literate Books began their careers in publishing and are devoted to helping writers and readers alike.


Together with our community collaborators who are published writers and experts in literary theory, at the Bookstop we provide exciting workshop series and seminars for the novice, the expert, and everyone in between.

Workshop Series: Elements of Story

Beginning Sunday, September 9, local professor Amy Hudock will lead a four-part "Elements of Story" workshop series for writers of all levels.

Do you have a writing project you want to start? One you’ve started, but need to return to? One in revision? This course series can help you improve your craft and achieve your writing goals through the elements of narrative. The series will help you:


Admission: $75/class,  or all four for $260.

● Write by working through the processes of invention, drafting, revision, and proofreading.


● Learn pre-writing techniques to help you beat writer’s block.


● Evaluate others’ writing and your own.


● Develop editing skills and understanding of the roles of editors.


● Produce, edit, and market imaginative writing


● Read and write in the genres of your choice: fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.


● Learn to use literary elements as tools to improve writing.


● Write informal discourse as means of self-discovery and invention.

Narrative, Plot, & Structure

Sept. 9

Everything starts with a story. This class will explore what makes compelling stories, regardless of the genre. You will get started on your project and plan its structure.



Oct. 14

Place matters .This meeting will focus on the significance of place and sensory details in your writing and how it can be used to develop your characters, deepen emotion, and support reader immersion in your text.

Character, Voice & Point of View

Nov. 11

People keep reading because they become invested in the characters. In this session, we will learn how to develop character and sharpen voice so that readers will want to keep reading the story you have to tell.


Symbol & Figurative Language

Dec. 9

How do we describe abstract concepts like love or hope? We often use comparisons to something concrete, something we do know to understand what we don’t. The different types of comparisons help deepen our writing and help readers to see more clearly what we imagine. This meeting will help you improve your use of symbols and figurative language.

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